Of Loving Your Body

Of Loving Your Body

In life, our body will go through changes through the different seasons of life. There will be a time when we are consistently eating healthy and working out. Other times, we are stuck at our office at midnight, eating junk food while rushing through deadline. There may be a time when we go through pregnancy and childbirth, and soon enough, motherhood caught up with us and we consequently have little time to care for ourselves.

Sometimes, life just happens. Not to mention that our metabolism also naturally changes over time as we age.

Some factors are simply beyond our control.

This is why having compassion on yourself is so important.

If we don't learn to have compassion on ourselves -- if we don't learn to really love our body -- we put ourselves in a vulnerable position. We love ourselves only when we are "fit" and of a certain weight, but we hate ourselves when we are not. We go through roller coasters of emotions and lose confidence in ourselves, our body.

I went through a period where I hated my body so much that I canceled on meeting up with friends and even calling in sick for work. Some of you ladies may relate.


Our confidence and self-worth should not be pegged to the weighing scale.

Of course, it's easier said than done. I’ve learned that self-love doesn’t always come naturally. It takes a lot of intentional change of mindset. I, for one, am still constantly struggling with this, though I have gotten better over time.

Over the next few weeks, I will share some personal tips and stories based on what have worked for me over the years. My hope is that we women can accept and appreciate our body for what they are. Positive body image does not mean accepting where you are now and staying there forever -- on the contrary, it means loving what your body for what it can do today and for what it has the potential to do in the future!

Till next time.



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