Chat with Sue Lim: A self-taught fitness enthusiast

Chat with Sue Lim: A self-taught fitness enthusiast

We spoke to Sue - a 9-6 corporate lady in the day and a self-taught fitness enthusiast at night. She has been working out exclusively from home and has achieved amazing results!

 Sue decked in Everwear Leggings (Dark Cherry) & Blossom Bra (Snow)

What motivated you to start an active lifestyle?

I started my fitness journey to improve my health and physique. I was tired of trying different shortcuts (diet pills and detox drinks). I decided enough is enough and this time, I want to do it right and sustain the results in long run.

Can you share with us your mantra on how you manage to stay active everyday?

Any workout is better than no workout! I learned from the book "Atomic Habits" to target small goals consistently. Small goals are literally goals that are so small, that they are so hard to fail! For me that's 5 minutes of workout everyday!

What’s your favourite and least favourite workout?

My favourite part to train is definitely my core, and I usually do that in HIIT style. I don't enjoy running!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a healthier and more active lifestyle?

Start small, start now. Don't wait for a perfect plan to start. Don't wait for something to get better, MAKE it better yourself. It'll take time and it'll hurt, but I promise it's so worth it! 💛


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