Insider Tips On Wellness & Balance In Life: An Interview With Hanna Tantoco

Insider Tips On Wellness & Balance In Life: An Interview With Hanna Tantoco

Hanna is not one to hold back -- in the day, she leads a marketing team in a financial services company. Outside of that, she's a yoga teacher, and also a fashion and beauty enthusiast! We reached out to her, hoping to get some tips on how to find balance in life and to maintain an active lifestyle.

What does wellness mean to you?
Wellness for me is what serves you at the moment. It’s about not defining your persona by your job, your age or your role in society but it’s what your body, mind and heart needs. Wellness for me is also an evolving matter. Right now, and most recently, it has been giving myself the permission to take time to take care of myself and to be by myself and to not have to feel guilty for not participating and responding to all of the demands all of the time. And to really give myself space and freedom to be with myself.

Tell us more about your self-care regime!
My self-care regime consists of balance between mind, body and heart. I sleep early. I give myself ample time to tune out the world by lighting a candle or incense, turning off my device and just reading a non-intense book while masking. Sometimes, it’s also just having a heart-to-heart conversation with my partner as it grounds me. I’ve been in my vegetarian diet for almost a year now and I have not looked back since. From time-to-time, I also hangout with friends.

Can you tell us more about your typical workout routine?
I start the day with meditation – sometimes I do 10 minutes, when I’m lucky I can afford 45 minutes. I practice at least 30 minutes of yoga and then I do 30 minutes of either strength or cardio. Cardio for me is either boxing with my partner (as this is the only workout he does) or rowing machine.

What’s your favourite and least favourite workout?
While I consider yoga as a lifestyle more than a workout, that is still my favourite. My least favourite? Running 😊 I used to run actually, I even did a full marathon and several half marathons in the past. But like I said, wellness is about allowing yourself to do things that serves you and running, sadly had lost that sparkle for me.

Can you share with us some tips on pulling through hard times?
While it is important to have a few sets of people you can reach out to as sounding board, it is important to always be able to bounce back yourself. The COVID situation really took a toll on myself. I am a person of habit and that habit consists of leaving the house, having my personal space in the office and teaching yoga. I pull up by doing self-reflection and channelling my energy in things that challenge me – like baking and cooking. Also, speaking to my mother who is based overseas!


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