Our Story

Our mission is to encourage more women to adopt an active lifestyle, but more importantly, embrace their body.

We believe the journey towards a lasting active life starts from within. We work out because we love and embrace our body, not because we hate it.

Strength and grace from within

Strength means having the grit to persevere in the face of obstacles.

Grace represents kindness - kindness towards your body, yourself.

It is the approach we should adopt towards bettering ourselves.

It means "I am enough, but I can work towards being a better version of myself." 

Believe us, both can co-exist.

Our commitment for quality

We hope our pieces can help you in your fitness journey. Funny enough, we know that wearing the right activewear can give you that extra energy to move. Every piece launched has been tried and tested by us, because you deserve only the best. We make sure they are breathable, comfortable, sweat-wicking (quick-dry) and camel-toe free

Making our activewear affordable

While not compromising on our quality, our apparel does not come with a premium price tag. We want to stay true to our mission and make our activewear affordable for all.

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