3 Minutes with Sunny Lim | IWD Specials

3 Minutes with Sunny Lim | IWD Specials

International Women’s Day is a time for celebrating the achievements of our fellow women. But it’s also a time for reflection. When was the last time we asked ourselves what success really means to us? Have we been cherishing progress just as much as perfection? Do we need to practise a little more kindness towards ourselves—and our bodies?

This year, we invite you to look inwards and challenge any biases you may have against yourself. In hopes of inspiring our community, we spoke with three amazing women whose everyday work is to #breakthebias, whether it’s in tech or at the gym.


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Although she hesitates to call herself an influencer, it’s clear that Sunny Lim (@sunnylimsl) is role model material. Through her content—you’ve probably seen her on TikTok—she inspires her audience to lead more active lifestyles, simply because she makes going to the gym look so fun. At the same time, she challenges the bias that skinny girls can’t be strong. All you have to do is see her lift.

Sunny’s story wasn’t always a positive one, though. During our interview, she reveals that she used to be bullied because of how thin she was. This was what prompted her to begin working out and start sharing her fitness journey with others. Along the way, she’s found her own ways of showing grace to herself and her body.

If you enjoyed our conversation with Sunny, you can follow her on TikTok: sunnylimsl.


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