3 Minutes with Bella Khaja | IWD Specials

3 Minutes with Bella Khaja | IWD Specials

International Women’s Day is a time for celebrating the achievements of our fellow women. But it’s also a time for reflection. When was the last time we asked ourselves what success really means to us? Have we been cherishing progress just as much as perfection? Do we need to practise a little more kindness towards ourselves—and our bodies?

This year, we invite you to look inwards and challenge any biases you may have against yourself. In hopes of inspiring our community, we spoke with three amazing women whose everyday work is to #breakthebias, whether it’s in tech or at the gym.


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Bella Khaja (@bellakhaja) is a trailblazer. In 2016, she founded Nimble Marketing Consultancy, the first all-female digital marketing agency in Singapore. She is also the co-founder of FEM Bootcamp, Asia’s first and only digital bootcamp for female entrepreneurs focused on branding and tech. As someone who is intimately familiar with the challenges—and biases—that female entrepreneurs face, Bella always makes it a point to share her triumphs and lift other female founders up. 

However, Bella has had to reevaluate her ideas of success lately. Last year, she learnt some shocking truths about herself and her body. In addition to discovering that she has endometriosis, she found out that she was born with a “heart-shaped uterus”. Besides complicating her plans for a baby, Bella has had to rethink her relationship with the concepts of motherhood, womanhood, and what it even means to be a successful woman in business. But in spite of her world-rocking news, Bella found a way to view her situation with admirable positivity. 

If you loved Bella’s brand of showing grace to herself, you can hear more of her perspectives on her podcast: @permissiontofail. 


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