Anya Gives Back

December 2020

In December, we are collaborating with O' Joy Care Services to help raise funds for the seniors and vulnerable here in Singapore. O' Joy is an organisation founded by a group of professional counsellors and social workers to address the need for prevention and early intervention in case of mental health disorders and to promote healthy ageing among older persons.

We will be donating $1 to O' Joy Care Services for every purchase made.

Some of the initiatives include:

  • Providing counselling & clinical case management services to help with the psychological needs of the elderly
  • Providing counselling to the public (above 21 years old) who struggle with mental health issues
  • Health Oriented Ageing through exercises, art & community

In addition, proceeds from the sale of our tote bag ($9.9 each) will be donated as well. Do support us!

October - November 2020

In October & November, we are collaborating with SATA CommHealth to help raise funds for the seniors and vulnerable here in Singapore. We will be donating $1 to SATA CommHealth for every purchase made.

SATA CommHealth is an Institution of Public Character (IPC) charity organisation that actively promotes lifelong health in the community through its integrated care and charitable programmes for more than 70 years. They provide their beneficiaries with services such as homecare & Doctors-On-Wheels to ensure that everyone has a chance to seek medical care.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, SATA CommHealth is trying to raise more funds to be able to reach out to even more seniors and the vulnerable groups in the community. Many of the beneficiaries are unable to leave their own homes to seek the medical treatment they need. Read more about SATA CommHealth’s Community Programmes at

If you'd like to make donation, you can do so at:

The amount donated will go directly to SATA CommHealth.


July 2020

For the month of July, Anya is collaborating with AMKFSC to raise funds for the COMNET Seniors Service (under AMKFSC) in alignment with AMKFSC’s mission to support vulnerable and low-income seniors to live independently and actively in the community.

We will be donating $1 for every item sold in the month of July to AMKFSC. 

May 2020

For the month of May, Anya is collaborating with The Student Initiative to raise funds for the Migrant Workers' Centre. A dollar from every sale this month will contribute towards providing migrant workers with food, accommodation, basic necessities and job support.

More details on The Student Initiative can be found here: