AWARE x Anya

AWARE x Anya

From the start, I've always dreamed of having more than just a brand that offers sportswear & lifestyle items. I wanted the brand to make an impact, no matter how small.

From 9-13 May, we will be donating 10% of our proceeds to AWARE Singapore, in particular their NextGen Fund

Over three and a half decades, AWARE's budding advocacy efforts have blossomed into tangible changes in Singapore, impacting the lives of countless women (and men!). AWARE has contributed heavily to the repeal of egregious discriminatory laws and policies, which made marital rape legal, placed a quota on female medical students and kept single parents from easily accessing public housing. These monumental changes each took years of steadfast and persistent campaigning. Yet there is still more work to be done.

In renewing their commitment to the removal of all gender-based barriers, AWARE's has launched NextGen Fund.

The NextGen Fund will go towards:

  • Nurturing the next generation of change-makers who will continue amplifying women's voices at all levels of society
  • Continuing AWARE's crucial work in advocacy and research, harnessing an increased focus on gender issues in Parliament and influencing key policies via position papers and policy submissions
  • Keeping AWARE's services and programmes running and expanding them to meet increased demand during and after this pandemic. These services support 5,000 women annually, at no or low costs

You may also choose to make your donations directly here (link)



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