Introducing #HerByAnya

Introducing #HerByAnya

Nobody looks better #inAnya than you <3

We started this brand with a vision: to encourage women of all sizes and body types to embrace an active lifestyle through activewear that makes you feel beautiful and supported. Nearly two years on, we’ve built an amazing community.

We’re proud to introduce #HerByAnya, a new series that puts the stories of our everyday women into the spotlight. Because you deserve to be celebrated as you are.

For our first instalment, get to know ZiyingSandra and Anya.


Meet Ziying, a member of our community who loves spin so much she became a spin instructor herself. She brought so much fun energy on set that it’s no wonder her nickname is Zing!

I work out because I enjoy the adrenaline rush and I feel really, really good after a sweat sesh. Let me tell you my secret to staying motivated: #willworkoutforfood!

Ziying wears Revitalise Bra (Steel) Cloud Classic Leggings (Steel)

I practically live in activewear because I am active on most days.

Other than spinning, I also run and do various Les Mills classes like BodyCombat and BodyPump.

I think fitness has a whole new definition these days—it is now a lifestyle and community rather than just "keeping fit", and I am happy to be part of this big family.

Left: Ziying wears Classic Crop 2.0 (Sage) Cloud Classic Leggings (Pine) | Right: Ziying wears Back To Basics Cami (V-Neck) (Yoghurt) Everywear Leggings (High-Rise) (Sky)

Because the sports that I do are more high-intensity, I look out for activewear with good support. Of course, it has to be really comfortable to be in and I have to like how I look in it, too.


Up next is Sandra. Her favourite workouts include indoor spinning and outdoor cycling, but she’s up for trying new things too—like repping Anya Active in front of the camera.

I work out to have fun!

I really enjoy how refreshed I always feel after a workout, and exercise is definitely a stress-reliever after work and on weekends.

Working out also helps me feel comfortable with myself and love myself.

Sandra wears Revitalise Bra (Avocado) Cloud Bike Shorts 6" (Avocado)

I like that Anya Active has a variety of colours which suit many different skin tones.

Also—the material! It’s very soft and sweat-proof. Great for high-intensity workouts.

Sandra wears Classic Crop 2.0 (Midnight) Cloud Classic Leggings (Plum)


Meet Anya—a super cool biomedical engineer who shares the same name as us. She likes going for long walks in nature and making friends along the way. Let’s get to know her a little better.

Anya wears Classic Crop 2.0 (Sage) Cloud Classic Leggings (Plum)

I was always hesitant to wear certain types of activewear because I was not sure how they would look on my body. Not feeling comfortable in activewear stopped me from joining sports teams in school, and even just exercising on my own, because I was so self-conscious about what to wear and how I would look.

Slowly, I became inspired by seeing women of all figures working out and promoting fitness and physical well-being. I would love to be a part of that group of women today, and also be part of a brand that values and promotes inclusivity, body positivity and overall well-being.

My fitness journey started when I was 18 years old, and working out became my outlet and my form of self-care and self-preservation.

Every morning, I go for a long walk and it is such an integral part of my routine. I gravitate towards low-impact workouts, and prefer to walk and stretch as my form of exercise. I target around 7 km every day, as well as 20 minutes of focused stretching and deep breathing.

Anya wears Back To Basics Cami (V-Neck) (Black Sesame) Everywear Leggings (High-Rise) (Black Sesame)

On the weekends, I like to swim in the morning as it allows me to move my whole body. Swimming is one of my favourite exercises as there are no distractions while I'm in the water. It's also meditative, as I can focus on myself.

Working out is the time that I give to myself to recharge, and focus on my body and well-being.


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