Founder's Note

The brand was founded on years of my personal struggle with eating disorders & body image.

Having wrestled with body dysmorphia & multiple eating disorders for years, I learned that real recovery & transformation happened when I started to learn to embrace myself and my body. No amount of food-restriction, over-exercising and beating yourself up could make a lasting change.

Through the years of beating myself up, I developed a strong distaste towards exercising. After countless trial-and-errors, I learned to shift my mindset to focus on enjoying & trusting the process--and this shift in my mindset has helped me to learn to enjoy working out.

I no longer work out for the sake of wanting to be thin--I enjoy the endorphins, the feeling of getting stronger (physically & mentally), the small wins.

I'm still not 100% there, but I learnt that it's not about a eureka moment--but it is about the journey ('cheesy' as it sounds).

It was about trial-and-errors, of two steps forward and one step back.

For some of us, we work out and push ourselves because we don't like how we look and inherently believe that we're not enough until we reach a certain body goal. Sometimes, it is also be about that all-or-nothing mindset: that if I cannot achieve certain things (doing handstands? 60kg deadlift? run at a certain pace?) or look a certain way, I am not enough.

We work out because we love our body, not because we hate it

Through the brand, we hope to encourage more women to make fitness a lifestyle. Exercise is not a punishment, neither is it a price to pay to become thin. Rather, it is something we give our body for all it has done for us.

But more importantly, beyond activewear, we want to encourage more women to be kind to themselves. You can both be enough, and still want to work towards bettering yourself -- both can co-exist.