The Story behind Anya Active

Anya means "grace" - it represents kindness. Kindness towards ourselves, towards our body. This is how Anya came about. 

Growing up, I never liked how I looked, was always self-conscious and comparing myself to others.

[Trigger warning] One day, as a young adult, I fell into eating disorders. It started from over-restricting my calorie intake and over-exercising, and later developed into full-blown bingeing and purging. My weight constantly yoyo-ed, losing10+kg then and gaining all back (& even more) in a matter of months. I was depressed and miserable. 

The next few years would be an arduous journey to "recovery". It was always 3 steps forward 2 steps back. 

Over time, I learned that these eating disorders were merely a symptom, and I needed to get down to the core to truly recover. The core problem was me hating myself and my body. It was me feeling I was never enough.

It was no wonder that no matter how much workout I did, how clean I was eating, I was never happy. In fact, it backfired into a cycle of restricting-bingeing-over-exercising. 

Funny enough, things started to change when I took a different approach - and that was when I learned to treat myself as my best friend. It was full of trial-and-errors, but I went on an intentional journey to learn listen to my body and to accept it. Over the next few months, I lost my "emotional weight" quickly and was back to my normal weight without trying too much - not ED-thin, or ED-overweight.

I learned to exercise from a place of love instead of hate and anger. I worked out because I wanted to be strong and healthy (both physically and mentally), not to punish myself or to want to be of a certain look. It took a long process of unlearning and re-learning, but I started to enjoy my work-outs because they made me feel good and strong. I still struggle some days, but I know it's a journey and I learned to trust the process.

There will be bad days, and I hope we'll still be kind to ourselves on these days. That means to tell yourself that it is okay to not be perfect, to forgive yourself when you did not "perform" up to your own expectations.

Body-image issue is prevalent among women, and everyone has a different story. We hope that beyond activewear, we can encourage more women to be kind to themselves. Body positivity is not about accepting yourself and staying there, but loving yourself enough to want to grow and evolve. 


"Strength and grace from within." This is how Anya Active came about.

We hope to encourage more women to be adopt an active lifestyle, but more importantly, to embrace themselves and their body. When we work out from a place of love, it becomes a sustainable lifestyle, and not just for short-term goals to look a certain way. Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.


Anya means "grace" - it represents the approach we hope we, women, can adopt towards bettering ourselves. It means "I am enough, but I know I can do so much more and I can be better than this."



Anya Active

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